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I had a major pipe leak that needed to be repaired ASAP, Jeremy's company came out without delay. They fixed it the first time and didn't charge us for a weekend rate. Very responsive and reliable company, I would definitely recommend.

Brittany Wickwire

Jeremy was a lifesaver after a simple Home Depot washing machine install prompted a water leak. As busy as he is he made time on a weekend to do the repair. He was fast, personable and was on target for his estimate. We will definitely be using him again!

Vicky M

After a DIY project went bad, Jeremy came over the next day, ON A SUNDAY, to fix my mistakes. My family had no water in the house and he took amazing care of us fixing the problem in just a few minutes and getting us back on track. This is the best plumber in Thurston County.

John Murphy

Amazing job! We called on a Saturday about a leaky water spigot and we're able to get service done the following Monday. Work was done in less than an hour on our outdoor water spigot (totally replaced since it was old) and the price was reasonable! We will use frogger again if necessary! :)

Isabella Gredell

Jeremy is not only a top-quality plumber to work with, but also brings a dependable and friendly spirit to his work. As a GC, it's a great pleasure working with Subs that make teamwork on a project enjoyable. Thanks very much Jeremy! Keep the good work going!!


Frogger Plumber was able to work my backed up bathroom into their already busy schedule. They had already unclogged a kitchen drain for me previously so I had confidence the job would be completed with skill in a timely manner. My confidence was not misplaced. Also, appreciate the timely communication and good explanation of the issue. I will definitely hire Frogger to replace the broken underground pipe which led to the tangle of tree roots blocking the main drain pipe.

Carol Langford

Frogger is the best! Super quick service, super nice to me about my shoddy handy work (hahahahaha), and I can't imagine I would have gotten a better value anywhere else. He even installed a cap on one of my pipes for free because he had the part in his van. He's coming back out for more work next week! Will definitely use for a my plumbing needs in the future!

Michael Merrimon

Quick response, able to come out within a couple hours. Fixed both toilets & guarantees workmanship for 1 year. Professional interaction. Will use again! Thank you Jeremy


Great and friendly
service from Jeremy. We will call him in the future for sure!

Kj B.

Awesome service! Jeremy was contacted by our insurance co & I'm sure glad he was! No nonsense, Great communication, Friendly, Professional, Cared about our needs & on & on. As you can tell I was satisfied with his work & professionalism! I absolutely will recommend him, in fact I've already done so! Good work Jeremy - keep it going!

Jackie Payne

Jeremy has been fantastic! He was so very responsive to our urgent needs that we hired him to replace our toilet and main down pipe in our home. His work is thorough. We appreciate you Jeremy

Stephanie Childers

Our natural gas hot water heater was leaking and needed replacement NOW. I called Jeremy, we set a time for him to come, and he arrived on time. The water heater replacement was done professionally and efficiently. Very nice work with careful attention to detail. Jeremy is energetic, friendly, professional, and a good guy to work with. His price was very reasonable, based upon an experience I had with a very similar water heater in a previous home a few years back. I will go directly to Frogger Plumbing for all my plumbing needs. I highly recommend him.

Bob B